Building Your Future
through education and informed career choices

Building Your Future
through education and informed career choices

Building Your Future
through education and informed career choices

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welcome to My Career, My Life!

At My Career My Life we understand the importance of selecting a career that suits your interests and personality. We are aware that there are many factors to consider when one has to make this important decision. The task and process may seem overwhelming and complex giving one a feeling of “where do I start with selecting a career” because there are so many factors to consider!

The objective of My Career My Life is to support and guide learners, students and job seekers with the necessary information and tools so that they can make an informed decision regarding their future career.

This website provides learners, teachers, parents, students and job seekers with relevant career information so that they can understand the importance of these decisions and choices made from school onto future career and work options.


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  • Are you financially prepared for your child's education?

    A current 3 to 4 year qualification at College or University costs between R40 000 p.a. and R150 000 p.a. depending on the study direction and university chosen. Accommodation, food and transport costs need to be added if your child studies away from home.

    Education is the single best investment we ever make in our children's future.

    A simple savings or investment plan could prepare you for the event that your child does not receive a full bursary and sponsored residency. The sooner you start this investment process the more time you have to take advantage of compounding growth on the investment.

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