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At My Career My Life we understand the importance of selecting a career that suits your interests and personality. We are aware that there are many factors to consider when one has to make this important decision. The task and process may seem overwhelming and complex giving one a feeling of “where do I start with selecting a career” because there are so many factors to consider!

The objective of My Career My Life is to support and guide learners, students and job seekers with the necessary information and tools so that they can make an informed decision regarding their future career.

This website provides learners, teachers, parents, students and job seekers with relevant career information so that they can understand the importance of these decisions and choices made from school onto future career and work options.


At My Career My Life we acknowledge the important role teachers and parents/guardians play in guiding learners in their decision on what subjects and careers they must consider. We therefore created a link for teachers and parents to the relevant career information to support learners and students.


At My Career My Life we provide learners and students with information regarding learning options they can consider from grade 9 onwards with the National Senior Certificate (NSC), National Certificate Vocational (NCV), Apprenticeships and Learnership qualifications as options. Should a learner or student want to enter the World of Work rather than consider further studies they can view this page to view possible career options.


For students and job seekers, My career My Life offers important information and tools that can be used to enable you to make informed decisions and support your future career. This includes job opportunities and various learnerships.


The section Careers A – Z, covers in excess of 450 career overviews with short descriptions of what the career entails, salary scales, Video clips, employment possibilities, criteria for further studies and tertiary institutions that offer programs for these careers.


My Career My Life provides you with a well researched assessments including interest questionnaires, aptitude assessments and personality questionnaires that will assist in deciding  on a career path from grade 9 onwards into formal employment. There is a personalised report available after completion of each assessment.


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