How do you apply for the advertised job? Must you write to them, telephone them, send them a fax, or email them? If the advertisement asks you to contact the company by telephone:

  • Before you phone make sure that you write down all of the questions you want to ask on a sheet of paper.
  • Make sure you have a pen and paper available in case you need to make notes.
  • Keep the advertisement next to you so that you can refer to it if you need to.
  • Ask to speak to the contact person or the Human Resources officer.
  • Be sure to speak slowly and clearly.
  • Get to the point and do not fumble your words.
  • State your name clearly and provide any other information you are asked for.
  • Tell the person what job you are applying for.
  • Be ready to answer any questions about your previous job experience.
  • If you are asked to go for an interview, make sure you have all the information you need to get there on time.
  • You may be asked to send them a copy of your CV. Make sure you write down their address and other details to do so.
  • When you have all the information you need, thank the person you are talking to, even if you do not qualify for the job.

If the advertisement asks you to write to the company, or to send them a fax or e mail, make sure that your document:

  • Is typed out neatly and clearly.
  • Is on plain white paper with no lines.
  • Is spelt properly with no corrections.
  • Follows the instructions in the advertisement.
  • Answers all the questions that were asked, clearly and to the point.
  • It must not be crumpled, dirty or untidy.

Here are a few more things to think about when you are writing letters to answer an advertisement:

  • Address your letter to a specifi c person. If you do not have a contact name, address it to the Manager or the HR Manager.
  • Give your letter a heading, for example: Re: YOUR ADVERTISEMENT IN THE NEWSPAPER (“Name of the paper”), or Re: YOUR ADVERTISEMENT FOR A SECRETARY
  • Say what you need to say in a simple, straightforward way.
  • Do not say that you are desperate even if you are.
  • Do not use fancy language.
  • Refer to the specifi c job that you are applying for.
  • Send /attach a copy of your CV with your letter or email.
  • Make a copy of the document for your own records, and put it in the fi le along with all your other important documents, as discussed earlier.
  • If it is absolutely impossible to have your letter typed, make sure it is very neatly written!

Have a look at the letter example we have put together for you, this is just an idea of how your letter should be laid out.

Get the right sized envelope to hold your CV, your letter and any other documents you will be sending. Make sure the following Information is neatly typed or written on the front of the envelope:

  • The name and proper title of the person who must receive your envelope.
  • The company’s postal address.
  • Any reference that the company asked you to write on it.