Your interests will be measured across the following fields, where after you will receive a report that will indicate your possible subject choices in Grade 10 – 12, and/or, possible careers that you can consider.

Plants Preference for plants, botanical and horticultural work i.e working with plants in general, doing research on plants, grow flowers, plants, nature conservation, planning parks and gardens.

Animals Preference for animals and work in connection research and related biological sciences i.e working with animals in general, nature conservation, microbiology physiology and anatomy.

Science Preference for natural sciences and work in connection with physical science i.e working in a laboratory, the field (area of chemistry, physics, geology and geography, astronomy and biochemistry).

Machinery Preference working with machines i.e general machine work, to clean, service, repair machines (cd player, hearing aid, household appliances) to work with specific machines like X-ray machines or sound equipment, to invent, build new machines.

Handwork Preference for handwork i.e do general handwork, work with tools, to improve and maintain furniture or make curtains, make toys and build models, to teach handwork subjects like woodwork, metalwork, needlework.

Art Preference for art and art appreciation. Here we can distinguish between two categories of a) practical i.e sketching, painting and sculpturing, design and decorating, and b) theoretical i.e to own collect and display art objects, be an art critic, art expert, to read about art and culture.

Reading and literature Preference to work as a proof reader, work in a library, to read books, articles and short stories

Writing Preference for writing i.e creative writing like plays, short stories, administrative and journalistic writing, reading articles and advertisements, knowledge to identify literature.

Computational Preference for working with figures i.e counting money, mathematics, financial accounting and bookkeeping, cost accounting, solving arithmetical problems and solving practical computations.

Business Preference for business activities i.e buying and selling, deal with money matters and investments, business management and be a businessman /business-woman.

Social GR. Preferences for public appearance and working with groups of people i.e. to use one’s power of persuasion, be a leader of a group, be a public speaker or go on stage.

Social Ind. Preference for working with people as individuals or small groups of people .i.e to counsel, to teach, to discuss people’s problems, to render humanitarian and social assistance to people and mix with people socially.