Going The Work Route

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Everyone is encouraged to continue their education and Studies journey after Grade 9; however for some people, entering the workplace may be the only option at the time.


If you decide to work straight after completing Grade 9, the kinds of jobs you would get are usually limited to those that require general skills. Some of these jobs include: security guards, telesales, sales promoters, waitrons, farm workers and construction labourers. Any job that requires specialised skills, need further specialised Studies.


Even though you are working it does not mean you should stop learning and growing.


Some employers offer their employees Studies and education while on the job. This Studies may be in the form of skills programmes, mentorship programmes, or internal skills-transfer programmes. Some employers also help to fund their employees’ studies in order to nurture talent within the organisation.


These kind of Studies are valuable and will help you to develop new skills, so use every opportunity you get to gain new skills and knowledge. Approach your manager or the Human Resources (HR) Department for more information on your employers Study policies and the options available to you.