This Interest Questionnaire is developed to help you to determine what your areas of interest across 12 occupational fields could be. By completing this questionnaire you will get a strong indication where your interests lie. For Grade 9 learners: By following the instructions, this questionnaire will help you choose subjects that you are interested in and also indicate what career choices are available with your chosen school subjects. It is important that you select subjects that interest you as this will help motivate you to study at school and help you to continue with them into a career after school.

For Grade 12 learners and school leavers: By following the instructions, this questionnaire will guide you in choosing possible careers and the relevant courses for further studies. Should you not know enough about a suggested career please refer to “Careers A-Z” on this website for further information and further study criteria.

It is important that you decide and follow a career that you find interesting and stimulating otherwise you may find yourself in a job that you do not enjoy. By completing this interest questionnaire you will find choosing school subjects, study courses and a career and linked to your interests much easier.

It is advisable that the school subjects and career options as suggested by this questionnaire be discussed with your teacher, parents, guardian or close friend since they know you well and can help you in making the final decision since…it is My Career My Life!!