How To Approach Subject Choices

For most students (and their parents) this is a difficult and uncertain time because the decision is not easy (especially for Grade 11/12) and you want to make the correct decision. Should you make an uninformed decision the implications are long term not only the costs involved in monetary terms, the biggest impact is usually on a student’s self confidence and self-image when things do not work out at the tertiary institution or the job they choose.


The best way to make a well informed decision regarding subject and career options, is to follow a proven scientific approach that will provide you with information regarding your interests and abilities.


Through this process of evaluation one removes all unnecessary emotion, pressure from peers and parents, social status, etc. as we can focus on the student’s interests, and abilities which will help him/her to determine a subject or career choice.


students in Grade 9 (for subject choice) and in Grade 11/12 (for career choices) follow two different processes.


Grade 9


To make an informed decision regarding subject choices, you must know what your interests,strengths and abilities are. Once this is determined (through psychometric tests, interviews with parents and students, as well as your school results for the past 12 months), a Grade 9 student can start obtaining guidance towards what schooling subjects should be taken for Grades 10-12.


It is important to note that when guidance is being given to students regarding their subject choices, psychometric evaluations cannot be the only source of information. The student must be seen as a whole and psychometric testing serves as just one of the sources that can be used to give guidance. Therefore interviews with the student and parent and school performance plays an important role when guidance is given on subject choices.


It is important that once the guidance has been given to the student regarding his schooling subjects for Grade 10-12 that he/she spends some time gaining knowledge on what jobs are available with the suggested subject choices. As part of the guidance session, the student will be provided with some reading material on various jobs and what they entail. Once the student has spent time with this reading material a final decision for subjects can be made. Should there be any discomfort with the suggested subject choices after the guidance session, the student/parent should come back to My Career My Life so that questions can be addressed and other possible options explored.


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