Deciding which combination of subjects will give you the greatest flexibility for study options later can be tricky. But, do not worry, this section will help you make that decision by providing the necessary information.



Once you have an idea of which career you want to pursue, you can decide which route you will take and how you will proceed with your learning. Let us look at the options available in more detail.


The National Senior Certificate (NSC) or Grade 12 certificate is for learners who want to pursue careers that require qualifications that are offered at higher education institutions (universities or universities of technology), such as higher certificates, advanced certificates, diplomas and degrees at levels 5 to 10 on the NQF, or alternatively Nated (N) courses N4 to N6, at NQF levels 5 to 6, offered at TVET colleges.


The National Certificate Vocational (NCV) is offered at TVET colleges. The NCV is a learning pathway for learners who want to pursue vocational careers in a specific economic sector, such as marketing, office administration, information technology and computer science, hospitality, tourism and others. However, there are opportunities for learners who have completed their NCV to continue studying at higher education institutions, depending on the career paths they have chosen. Find out about these pathways before making a decision.


Apprenticeship programmes which are offered at TVET colleges, combine theory, practical and workplace practice in a chosen trade field. In the case of listed trades such as boiler making, welding, carpentry and many others, learners are required to pass a trade test to qualify as an artisan. Non-listed trades include qualifications in health care, early childhood development, music and other fields.


Learnerships are work-based learning programmes and are directly related to occupations or fields of work. They provide opportunities for further development and training in specialised fields of the various economic and education sectors of our country. These sectors include mining, safety and security, health, banking, manufacturing, sports, media, information and communication technologies, education and many others. Learnerships lead to NQF-accredited qualifications.