Making the correct career choice is probably one of the most important decisions that you will make in your life. What makes this even more complex is that you are required to begin this decision making process at the tender age of 14 (in grade 9) , when you have to select your subject choices for the next three years (grade 12).

By being prepared and making well informed decisions in grade 9 you will have more options available to you in grade 11 and 12 when you have to make a definite decision on a career after you’ve completed grade 12.

For grade 11 and 12 students it is maybe more important to make a well informed decision well in advance before they write their final examination. These students need to know what they want to study because application for tertiary institutions (FET colleges and universities ) usually close before the grade 12 final examination. Students have to apply for courses they want to do, accommodation, bursaries, etc.

Should you decide not to go and study further but to enter the job market immediately after school the same challenges still apply.

Through a structured approach learners and parents can make it a lot easier for themselves to make subject choices for grade 10-12 or deciding on a career after they finished grade 12.

For most student’s (and their parents, guardian/s) this is a difficult and uncertain time because the decision is not easy (especially for grade 11/12) and you want to make the correct decision. Should you make an uninformed decision the implications is long term and we are not only referring to the costs in monetary terms, the biggest impact is usually on a student’s self-confidence and self-image when things do not work out at the tertiary institution or they dislike the job they chose.

The best way to make a well informed decision regarding subject- and careers options is to follow a structured approach that will provide you with information regarding your interests

The best way to make a well informed decision regarding subject- and careers options is to follow a structured approach that will provide you with information regarding your interests

GRADE 11/12

To make a well informed choice regarding a future job or studies you must know what your interests and abilities are . Once this is determined through an interest questionnaire, discussions with parents/guardians/teacher, as well as looking at your school results of the past 12 months, you can start making a decision towards what possible career or further studies should be considered after you leave school.

It is important to note that when guidance is being given to learners regarding their subject choices a single psychometric instrument cannot be the only source of information. The learner must be seen as a whole and a psychometric instrument serve as just one of the sources that can be used to give guidance. Therefore discussion with teachers, parent/guardians and school performance play an important role when a decision is been made regarding subject choices.

It is important that while you are in the process of making a decision regarding a possible future career or studies that you spend some time to gain knowledge on the career that you want to follow. If you are unsure what careers are available, ,what it entails, entry criteria for studies and employment opportunities go to “Careers A-Z “on this website to get a the relevant information.

By doing this you will be in a better position to make an informed decision..after all it is… My Career My Life!!


By completing the Interest Questionnaire and discussing the results from the questionnaire and school results of the last 12 months with your parents/guardian or teacher you will have enough relevant information to make a well informed decision regarding subject or career choices.

By using this process and the various information areas provided on this website, career and study choices will be much easier.