We are all looking with great excitement and energy to the day when we can leave school and venture into the great world where we can chase our own dreams and be independent from parents ,teachers and the burden of being labelled as a child.

As the months go by in our final year in school the excitement grows to finish school..but also the realisation that I must make a decision on what am I going to do once I finish my schooling.

It is at this stage that we realise that the options is so many and the time to make a decision is not always that simple , because the implications of the decision we make have some serious short and long term implications.

The options that we must choose from varies from further studies to finding a job immediately after school to even considering of starting my own small business!

Thinking of these options is quite serious and should be dealt in that manner. Further studies might mean a degree or a diploma depending of your field of interest and aptitude.This will then imply if I must apply for admission to a university or university of technology.

Should I be considering to go and find a job immediately after school, for various reasons ,I need to know how to look for job offers and how to approach these companies or institutions with my CV . I also need to know how to prepare myself for a interview with these companies should I be invited for an job interview.

If you consider starting your own small business there are a lot of things that you need to consider and have in place from a process and legal point of view before you can start trading as a business. So where do I go for information or help to get started?

On this website we guide you to some of the answers that will help you make a decision on your options after school.

Work carefully through these chapters that will guide you in your process of making a decision and feel free to speak to people that know you well and care about you if you need some clarity on issues regarding your choices.

So,let’s get started!